Cake, Part I

In honor of my desire for being better at planning, I started to think a lot about what kind of cake I want to make Husband this year for his birthday. He insists that I not make a big deal, but I insist I at least make him a cake and because we are planning on doing nothing else, ;), I have taken it upon myself to make this years cake much better than last year. It was an Oreo crusted ice cream cake with classic chocolate and vanilla bean Häagen-Dazs ice cream covered with home made whip cream and drizzled chocolate. Ice cream cake was perfect since it’s already pretty hot here in FL by then and because we both love ice cream cake.


For our 1 year anniversary, I tried to recreate my wedding cake. I have never been a fan of wedding cake. I almost always found them to be too dry, but I loved our cake!


Husband, being a huge hockey fan, was surprised when he saw that our wedding cake inspired by the Stanley Cup. The folks at Newlands Golf & Country Club did a phenomenal job! I didn’t want crazy details and I didn’t want it looking like the actual Stanley Cup. I wanted the essence of it with beauty. But, what made it even better was it how incredibly moist, rich, and chocolaty it was! We had a dessert bar along with the wedding cake at the reception that stretched almost 30 feet, but to me the cake was a hit! Truly thats all I remembered eating. I could write a post just about my wedding cake but it will never do it justice. We didn’t save the top layer for our anniversary because I didn’t want to freeze it and potentially ruin it. So, for our first anniversary I tried to recreate it!


I spent all day making this cake, and I can’t remember the exact recipe I followed but it took me back to September 1, 2012 with every bite! Unfortunately, the actual cake was a complete eye-sore, but this slice did look instagram worthy so thats all I have of it. I need to find the recipe again for this year. It will always be the cake for our anniversary. I need to find the recipe again :/.

So to back track to the real purpose for all this, Husbands birthday cake, I have some really big plans. In the weeks to come, I will post my sketches, inspirations, and strategies on how to make this all a reality. I’m determined more than ever to make it the best cake I have ever made! I will leave you with one fact about this cake…

It will be chocolate! :D

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7 thoughts on “Cake, Part I

  1. You are talented! I am so impressed that you can even under take the baking of a cake. I find it hard to even hit the store and buy one. :)
    That wedding cake is beautiful and simple and I love it!

  2. Wow, your wedding cake looks crazy (in the best way possible)! I wish I could taste it. If you lived closer I would ask you to bake me a cake for my birthday. :)

    • Thank you, Tara! The cake was a complete surprise for my husband. He had no idea I would ask them to make a cake like that. Oh, and I would gladly make a cake for your birthday although I know SF has some phenominal bakeries!

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